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Cyberinc, a Subsidiary of Aurionpro Solutions, Will Focus on Product Offerings for Cybersecurity and IAM Globally. LOS GATOS, CA -(Marketwired – September 15, 2016) – Aurionpro Solutions (NSE:AURIONPRO) (BSE:532668), a global leader in enterprise security, digital innovation and banking solutions announced that it had completed the acquisition and subsequent merger of Spikes Security Inc. with Aurionpro’s Enterprise Security Division. The Silicon Valley based subsidiary for enterprise Security will operate under the new brand name of ‘Cyberinc – An Aurionpro Company’ and will be headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Cyberinc will be dedicated to solving next generation consumer and enterprise security challenges in a digital era especially around Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Malware Isolation. Aurionpro’s formerly Enterprise Security division has secured over 100 million identities for the world’s leading global corporations for over 15 years. Spikes Security is a pioneer in Malware Isolation with its innovative product Isla that aims to deliver 100% web freedom through its industry leading Malware Isolation technology. Cyberinc will offer the best capabilities, history and culture to deliver game changing products and solutions for global corporations. “With the formation of Cyberinc, we are very well positioned to succeed in the $75B global market for Information Security,” said Samir Shah, CEO of Aurionpro Solutions. “Cyberinc, our new subsidiary, will deliver comprehensive solutions that address two of the biggest challenges plaguing the industry today — data breaches from fraudulent and unauthorized access and sophisticated web borne malware attacks. Cyberinc debuts with an unfair market advantage of a very rich history from Aurionpro Security Division, an innovation culture from Spikes and a seasoned leader with a proven track record in Michael Mansouri at the helm as CEO of the merged subsidiary.” Cyberinc combines leading edge Isla Malware Isolation solution with Identity and Access Management, uniquely positioning us to address the growing challenges and risks posed by sophisticated threat challenges for global markets including media, banking, financial, and government institutions,” according to Michael Mansouri, CEO of Cyberinc. “Cyberinc’s differentiated services combined with our 300 security professionals with offices in key locations in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, and India offer sophisticated security solutions to our customers. The compelling synergies of the merger provides a robust platform to grow the company significantly resulting in value creation for our shareholders,” Mansouri added. Cyberinc’s Isla Web Malware Isolation Solution protects organizations from the most advanced web borne threats by isolating all web content outside the network perimeter. This unique approach eliminates the risk of drive by downloads, malvertising, advanced phishing attacks and virtually all malware originating from the Web while delivering a familiar web browsing experience to the user. Isla has been successfully deployed to financial institutions, the US government and other highly targeted industries in North America, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. “The security industry has traditionally provided point product solutions that place the burden of integration on the customer, both increasing costs and resulting in a poor return on investment. The rollout and integration of security point products often fails resulting in massive investments in shelf ware that never benefits the customer. Cyberinc will eliminate this problem for our customers and ensure they realize the full benefit of their new, as well as their existing investments. Integrating the revolutionary anti-malware technology pioneered by Spikes Security founded by Branden Spikes with the proven capabilities of the global Aurionpro Enterprise Security team represents a new approach to the problem of cyber-security,” according to Michael Mansouri, CEO of Cyberinc. Michael is an industry veteran having built and led several security technology companies including iPass, OmniTrust Security Systems and Avalon Global Solutions with successful exits. The global information security market is estimated to be $75B in 2016 and is forecast to experience a Compound Average Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.8% between 2015 and 2020, according the IDC. The new Cyberinc business model ensures that customers can realize the full benefits of their security investments and make measurable improvements in their security posture, risk profile and their bottom lines. About Cyberinc: Cyberinc is a subsidiary of Aurionpro and delivers advanced security solutions for enterprises. Its offerings include secure, scalable, high performance security products that protect from cyber-attacks, and services that help enterprises transition to next generation access management systems. Our flagship product offering, the Isla Malware Isolation platform can help deliver 100% web freedom from malware based attacks and we offer comprehensive IAM solutions that has secured over 100 million identities over 20 years to the world’s leading corporations. Combining our “best in class” products and services enables clients to effectively address their toughest cyber security challenges. For more information, please visit: About Aurionpro: Aurionpro Solutions (NSE: AURIONPRO) (BSE: 532668) is a global technology solutions leader that helps enterprises accelerate their digital innovation, securely and efficiently. It combines core domain expertise, thought leadership and service excellence in providing comprehensive IP driven solutions in Enterprise Security, Digital and Banking. Employing more than 1,450 domain and technology experts across North America, Asia and Europe, we have delivered solutions for Fortune 500, global corporations across 7 continents and 22 countries. Aurionpro has been consistently recognized amongst the top 100 technology solutions providers for Financial Services companies. For more information, visit For further information, and or clarification kindly contact: Media Contact Kruti Arora (Vivaa Consulting) +91-9833023346 Email contact Source:

New Investment, Expanded Team, Fresh Capital, Mark Momentum for Benhamou Global Ventures PALO ALTO, CA – (Marketwired – September 14, 2016) – Benhamou Global Ventures (BGV), an early-stage venture capital firm with deep Silicon Valley roots and an exclusive focus on enterprise information technology opportunities in global markets, announced the first close of their third fund with over 50% of the targeted $75M fund committed to date. Investors in the third fund include both existing LP’s as well as new international and institutional LP’s including several Chinese investors. Extending the strategy of fund BGV II, BGV III will focus on enterprise IT sectors including cyber security, cloud-based services and applications, web scale infrastructure, advanced analytics and industrial Internet of Things. BGV recently made its first investment from BGV III in Totango in syndication with Pitango Venture Capital, Canvas Ventures, and Interwest Capital. Totango is a leader in the emerging Customer Success Management category. Totango provides a complete platform for Customer Success professionals to streamline their customer onboarding processes, maximize user engagement, minimize churn and increases the upsell success rate of a subscription business. With its built in workflow automation, comprehensive data model and integrations, Totango has helped over 300 customers mitigate account risks and grow their recurring revenues. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with R&D in Israel. Eric Benhamou will join the Totango Board as Chairman. “Enterprise reliance on SaaS and Cloud Products is peaking and we see the need for Customer Success technology,” states Benhamou. “We have identified Totango as the most complete customer success solution on the market and an early leader in the enterprise space. With their significant traction and incredible industry knowledge, we are confident in their efforts and will provide our expertise to help them navigate this period of significant growth.” Totango CEO Guy Nirpaz, explains, “Today’s customer success executives are expected to deliver predictable revenue outcomes from their Cloud businesses, constantly improve team efficiency, and prove their products’ ROI to survive. We are excited for Eric and his team at Benhamou Global Ventures to share their expert guidance as we make customer success operations more efficient and drive positive revenue impact for our customers.” BGV has also expanded its team with the addition of Amir Nayyerhabibi as partner and Shuo Zhang as China Advisory partner. They are both experienced entrepreneurs and operating executives who share BGV’s company building passion. Amir Nayyerhabibi is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced CEO with successful exits including StratumOne Communications (acquired by Cisco), AuroraNetics (acquired by Cisco) and Cortina Systems (acquired by InPhy and RealTek). At Cisco, Amir was responsible for managing the routing business unit. Amir is currently serves as the chairman of the board of NGD systems. Shuo Zhang has 25 years of experience in general management, marketing, sales, and strategic business development in the semiconductor industry. She has held senior executive positions at LSI Logic, Altera, Agilent Technologies, Avago, and Cypress Semiconductor. She is currently the Founder and Managing Director of Renascia, a boutique M&A Advisory firm headquartered in Silicon Valley with a deep client base in China. About Benhamou Global Ventures BGV, is an early-stage venture capital firm with deep Silicon Valley roots, with an exclusive focus on enterprise information technology opportunities in global markets. BGV currently has 15 active companies in its portfolio. The BGV team has successfully built and implemented a cross-border venture investing model with companies from Israel, Europe and Asia. The fund was founded by Eric Benhamou, former chairman and CEO of 3Com, Palm and co-founder of Bridge Communications. Comprised of an experienced partnership team of global operating executives and investors, BGV is often the first and most active institutional investor in a company and has a powerful network of technical advisors, executives and functional experts who actively engage with its portfolio companies. The company has offices in Palo Alto, California and Tel Aviv, Israel. Website: Twitter: @BenhamouGlobalV LinkedIn:


Media contact: Laura Cruz Tenor Communications for BGV (917) 406-7517

In this special guest feature, Guy Yehiav, CEO at Profitect, discusses how prescriptive anaytics holds the keys to efficiency with the least amount of risk and the fastest time to value. Prior to Profitect, Guy Yehiav served as Vice President Sales & Strategy for Oracle’s Value Chain Planning Solutions where he was responsible for sales, strategy and customer success. Guy was also founder of Demantra US, a leading global provider of demand-driven planning solutions, which was acquired by Oracle in 2006. Previously, he directed the Global Professional Service Group where he was in charge of creating methodologies and infrastructure through value chain transformations that enabled demand driven and seamless operations for fortune 1000 companies. ( Stagnation is a familiar yet unfortunate trap for businesses. The early business model proves successful, profits soar, and a “don’t fix what isn’t broken” mentality sets in. But trends come and go, the market evolves. In order to survive, and even thrive, companies need to consistently seek out new and innovative ways to improve themselves. In that never-ending search, many have turned to the opportunities found in leveraging big data. Across a number of industries, the C-suite often asks itself, “how can we best use the wealth of information we’re already gathering?” Here enters prescriptive analytics. Once implemented, collected data is run through an engine to identify hidden gems of value and is then translated into insight and actions outlining how to maximize efficiency of current business practices. This crowd sourcing method helps professionals understand what exactly is working in the field. Simply put, it helps reduce waste and raise the top & bottom line. What is making prescriptive so attractive is that it does not discriminate between internal and external behaviors. For example, a retailer might leverage prescriptive to determine which sections of a store are receiving the most attention from customers and how to capitalize upon that (i.e. external behaviors). Versus a supply chain manager who uses prescriptive to identify average shipping times which can increase the efficiency of deliveries (i.e. internal behaviors). Furthermore, it democratizes analytics by delivering the information in plain English, right to the person who should see it, rather than requiring a trained professional for interpretation.
 But prescriptive also has the potential to go beyond simple practice improvement. As solution providers create more intelligent engines, they are able to actively identify problem areas that are costing the organization in revenue. To use the retailer as an example once again: prescriptive is able to flag excessive lead times when hot items aren’t being replaced on the shelves fast enough to meet consumer demand. Over time, if retailers don’t act upon these insights, it can cost a small fortune.
So if prescriptive analytics has such potential to improve operations, why isn’t it the superstar of big data? There are, unfortunately, a few misconceptions which are hindering adoption:
  • Time to implementation. This is an issue that applies to a number of analytics solutions, not just prescriptive. Despite a desire to leverage analytics for big data, many decision makers are hesitant to pull the trigger due to a belief that time-to-launch may require up to six months. In fact, there are providers who can have a solution fully integrated and working in two weeks.
  • Return on investment. As with any new technology, business leaders worry that it would not be worth the investment in the long run. However, prescriptive has proven its value time and time again. In one instance, prescriptive was able to save a national grocer $1.8 million annually by recognizing a packaging issue pattern.
Ultimately, as businesses decide how to best leverage their big data, how exactly to implement an analytics strategy will become a necessary conversation among decision makers. With demand growing for a reliable solution, prescriptive holds the keys to efficiency with the least amount of risk and the fastest time to value. For businesses, it is simply a matter of time before market trends force change. Prescriptive analytics can help them stay ahead of the curve. Source: Sign up for the free insideBIGDATA newsletter.

IdentityMind Global, a company focused on digital identities for securing online financial transactions, announced on Thursday (Sept. 1) its Identity Graph Intelligence (IGI) tool. IGI is an important extension of the company’s Trusted Digital Identities API, which helps identify and reduce risk through risk scoring and identity complexity analysis. With Identity Graph Intelligence, customers can uncover complex risk and money laundering scenarios in real time by applying Big Data analysis to the correlation of a digital entity’s identity attributes, transactions and behaviors. According to IdentityMind Global, the complexity of the identity graph has a strong correlation to the risk of a transaction — the more complex the graph, the higher the risk is. “Trusted Digital Identities (TDI™) represent online entities and their trust level in order to assess the risk of a given transaction,” said Garrett Gafke, IdentityMind Global’s CEO and president, in a press release announcing Identity Graph Intelligence. “Graph intelligence applies data science techniques to our core data model to reveal risk in highly complex scenarios where multiple entities are involved.” The new tool is the result of the company collecting and correlating identity data, behaviors and potential affiliations to nefarious groups and activities. In many financial scenarios, there are multiple entities involved or related to those entities performing a transaction. These are the scenarios where Identity Graph Intelligence is more relevant, it said. “Organized crime attacks are sophisticated and can be devastating,” said Dr. David Asher of the Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance in the press release. “In my experience, they often involve multiple parties with activities that are hard to see in isolation. Graph analysis is the right tool for uncovering and stopping these complex attacks — Ultimately, saving us and our customers from financial and reputational exposure.” Identity Graph Intelligence will be unveiled at FinDevr Silicon Valley in Oct. 2016. The extended API will be available in the upcoming IdentityMind 2.0 release slated for Nov. 2016. Source:

Name change better reflects system-level storage solutions

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NxGn Data, Inc., a storage pioneer creating intelligent solid state drives (SSDs) for the cloud data center, is changing its name to NGD Systems effective immediately. The name change highlights the system-level capabilities that the company enables directly in storage subsystems. The company unveiled the new name at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara last week, with 108 exhibitors and more than 6,000 attendees.

NGD Systems formalizes name change from NxGn Data #storage #ssd #ssdstorage #techstorage

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At the heart of the company’s solution is its patented data processing technology, called In-Situ Processing, which executes on the data residing in the storage device, rather than moving the data out of storage into the processor for analysis. This processing ensures low latency, lowest power consumption with higher performance. This new storage capability is built on a foundation of an enterprise-grade SSD, featuring end-to-end data protection and powerful error correcting code (ECC), as well as additional key capabilities required by the data center, including enhanced quality of service (QoS), 3D TLC NAND enablement, and support for very high capacities. “NGD Systems focuses on providing solutions that enable the computation of data directly in storage, and changing the company’s name to NGD Systems reflects the system level capabilities that we bring into storage solutions,” said Nader Salessi, founder and chief executive officer of NGD Systems. About NGD Systems, Inc. NGD Systems (formerly known as NxGn Data, Inc.) focuses on the next generation of Intelligent SSD Solutions. With a vision of moving computation to data, the company is creating a converged platform delivering both enterprise SSD storage and taking the concept of “compute to data” efficiently and cost effectively. The company holds a number of patents in key areas and was founded in 2013 by SSD industry veterans with more than 100 years of SSD experience, working for such companies as Western Digital, STEC and Memtech. In their various executive roles, the founders have helped drive and shape the storage industry during a period of rapid growth and expansion. The company is based in Irvine, Calif.


NGD Systems Elaine Marshall, 949-466-6303

Dealing with regulations and compliance has always been a costly and far-from-hassle-free experience for companies, especially for young startups in the financial services industry. Regulatory documents are 100+ page pamphlets requiring special skill and experience to comprehend and deal with. An example of skyrocketing expense that compliance requires is a $2.2 billion spent by London-based HSBC on regulation and compliance in the first nine months of 2015, up 33% YoY. Financial institutions’ expenses on compliance have increased as a percentage of total expenditure over time. Globally, ~$80 billion is spent on governance, risk and compliance, and the market is only expected to grow, reaching $120 billion in the next five years. If compliance seems expensive, non-compliance will just knock out the common sense. Financial institutions in the US alone have paid more than $160 billion in fines for non-compliance. The main point is, the financial services industry is in a need for more cost-effective solutions in regulatory and compliance matter without the need to sacrifice the quality. The modification of FinTech has emerged in recent years to address the need and brought bright entrepreneurs into RegTech – a set of companies and solutions that address regulatory challenges across industries, including financial services, through innovative technology. The industry is poised to succeed as the global demand for regulatory, compliance and governance software is expected to reach $118.7 billion by 2020. It is expected that close to 55% of the spending will occur in the consulting and business services. North America is expected to overtake Europe and APAC when it comes to spending in regulatory software over the next five years. At present, close to 35% of the software spending happens in APAC. Investments in regulatory software can lead to an ROI of 600% plus with a payback period of fewer than three years; yet, most financial services firms have not subscribed well to RegTech solutions.

RegTech companies to look out for in 2016

From our previous overview in December 2015 (and our report), there has been a significant exploration of the RegTech industry and a range of financial services industry professionals have been keeping track of the most interesting RegTech companies look out for in 2016 and beyond. Refreshing the overview, we put together a graph of the RegTech companies (by segment) that have been on the radar of the industry professionals and have been listed as interesting RegTech companies to look out for in 2016. RegTech companies RegTech startups Here are the descriptions of some of the companies represented on the graph above: AlgoDynamix is an innovative risk analytics company that detects disruptive events in global financial markets and anticipates price movements hours or days in advance of the event. AQMetrics offers integrated regulatory risk and compliance management solutions. CheckRecipient automatically predicts and prevents misaddressed emails from being accidentally sent to the wrong recipient. Corlytics provides compliance risk analysis for financial institutions. FundApps wraps regulatory information in a cloud-based managed compliance service for asset managers, hedge funds and institutional investors. Funds Reconciliation Software develops cloud-based reconciliation software for the funds industry, replacing prehistoric enterprise software with SaaS. IdentityMind Global is an on-demand platform that provides next-generation risk management and anti-fraud services for the e-commerce ecosystem. KYC Exchange is setting the standard as the first secure communication platform for KYC and customer due diligence (CDD) purposes for the financial industry. OSIS offers an alternative way for banks and investors to analyze credit risk by coherently combining a statistical analysis of data with subjective opinions about forward-looking risk distributions. Such analysis captures parameter uncertainty and allows for designing more coherent stress-testing scenarios. Passfort automates KYC compliance and customer data storage to protect and enable growing regulated businesses online. Percentile builds technology to service the needs of risk management at a global financial institution. Quarule offers risk controls and compliance certification technology for coordinating governance, automating oversight and retaining and reusing knowledge. Silverfinch connects asset managers and insurers through a fund data utility in a secure and controlled environment. Suade designs technology specifically around regulatory concerns. Suade’s solutions enable banks to achieve continuous compliance, manage their costs and easily conduct analyses. Sysnet Global Solutions is a leading international provider of information security assurance and compliance validation services. TradeFlow is a trade data tracking and risk alert-based technology. Tradle uses blockchain to bridge internal and external financial networks to achieve user-controlled KYC portability. Trulioo is a global leader in identity verification. It provides instant electronic identity and address verification for over 4 billion people in 40+ countries. Trunomi solves KYC and unlocks new revenues and efficiencies with technology to easily create and securely manage the consent to use customers’ personal data. Trustev provides online fraud prevention solutions that scan transactions in real time to determine whether they are real or not. Vizor provides software that enables the supervision of companies by a supervisory authority (central bank, financial regulator or tax authority).
International RegTech Companies Defining the $100-Billion-Dollar Industry

PHOENIX & LOS GATOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), a leading global technology distributor, today announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Zentri, a secure IoT SaaS platform provider. Avnet will now offer Americas’ customers Zentri’s Secure Connected Platform for IoT and complete suite of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE modules designed to simplify connectivity and enable customers to better manage their deployed product fleet. ZentriOS is available in all of Zentri’s modules and the module in Avnet’s Cloud Connect Starter Kits, to provide instant access to all the functionality necessary for building connected products.

Avnet Enhances #IoT Cloud Connectivity Solutions Portfolio with Zentri Franchise in the Americas

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ZentriOS is a complete IoT operating system specifically designed for resource constrained applications such as those using ARM Cortex M3/M4 type microcontrollers with only 100 Kbytes of RAM. ZentriOS-powered products can be readily connected to major cloud providers including Amazon AWS, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce. Customers can manage these solutions using the Zentri Device Management Service, which provides commercial grade authentication, product geo-location and an enterprise embedded application store for domain specific product apps. The Zentri Mobile software development kit further simplifies device discovery, seamless product setup, and device connectivity from iOS and Android smartphones. “ZentriOS is a differentiator for our customers’ technical teams, enabling them to deliver IoT products in weeks without the need to hire specialized developers,” said Alex Iuorio, senior vice president, supplier marketing and business development, Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas. “When coupled with Zentri’s Device Management Service, our customers will benefit from product insights that not only accelerate the development of future products, but also improve the customer’s product experience.” “Avnet’s broad geographic reach along with their unparalleled level of service toward customers requiring hardware, software and cloud solutions for IoT make them a perfect channel representative for Zentri,” said Nick Dutton vice president, embedded, Zentri. “Customers are looking for a pragmatic solution that focuses first on reliable and secure fleet management, which is only possible when you do the hard part right – making sure the product has a full featured IoT optimized OS.” ZentriOS and Zentri Device Management Services are both available for Avnet’s BCM4343W IoT Starter. For more information on Avnet’s line card, please click here to visit Avnet’s products page. About Avnet, Inc. From components to cloud and design to disposal, Avnet, Inc. (NYSE:AVT) accelerates the success of customers who build, sell and use technology globally by providing them with a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products, services and solutions. Avnet is a Fortune 500 company with revenues of $27.9 billion for the fiscal year 2015. For more information, About Zentri Zentri is transforming the way product companies deliver secure mobile and cloud connected products that deliver rich connected experiences across multiple product lines. Leveraging Zentri’s Secure Connected Platform for IoT, our customers get to market in weeks instead of years with highly secure and robust products. In addition to delivering the connected experience product buyers expect, we enable secure product authentication, seamless OTA software update, remote product diagnosis and analytics, and more. The heart of our platform is ZentriOS, a complete product operating system available to license as well as embedded into third party and Zentri’s own wireless modules, cloud device management software available as a service or as a connector for your existing cloud partner, and iOS/Android SDK’s for mobile app developers. Over 1,250 customers trust Zentri to securely connect their products and drive deep customer engagement. Learn more
Contacts Zentri Julie Mullins, +1 408-402-8160 x107

IDMPay provides integrated Payment Gateway and IdentityMind’s fraud prevention platform along with merchant services delivering full functionality from onboarding to processing to compliance.

IdentityMind Global, pioneer of trusted digital identities for digital commerce, today announced IDMPay, a risk-managed payment processing solution that combines IdentityMind’s Trusted Digital Identities and fraud protection platform with an award-winning payment gateway.

The move to chip-based payment cards from magstripe-based cards has driven more fraud online. That is why experts project fraud losses to grow by 32% by 2018. With that in mind, IdentityMind launched IDMPay, a risk-managed payment solution that provides:

  •     Industry-leading fraud protection platform that delivers chargeback rates, on average, 66% lower than the industry average
  •     Easy customization that empowers merchants with control and visibility into policies and strategies to maximize acceptance rates
  •     Streamlined onboarding process through a single application for underwriting, and a unified API for payment gateway and fraud management
  •     Cost-effective operations through hosted payment pages offering payment tokenization

“Many of our clients came to us because they were caught unprepared. And, that means paying an average of $3.34 for every dollar of fraud. IDMPay was designed to remove fraud as a drag on the bottom line,” said Garrett Gafke, president and CEO of IdentityMind Global. “IDMPay is a single solution for fraud management and payment processing that allows merchants to combines rapid merchant account onboarding and easy integration with payment flow to ensure merchants have the proper tools in place quickly that fit their needs.”

IDMPay offers online merchants a full range of capabilities for managing account approval, payment processing, risk mitigation and chargeback reporting. IDMPay delivers full control for the lifecycle of merchant accounts. IDMPay tackles the complexities of managing risk due to demands for cross border payments, provide services for underbanked and unbanked demographics, and explosive growth of mobile payments. Key features of IDMPay include:

  •     A secure payment gateway supporting credit card processing, ACH, and alternative payment methods
  •     Top-of-line fraud prevention solution for ecommerce including: digital identities reputation, mobile security, identity verification, IP geolocation, device fingerprinting, phone verification, out of wallet questions, document verification, social network analysis, OFAC, and other sanctions screening
  •     Simple integration to get customer up and running in few days
  •     Card tokenization to ease the PCI burden
  •     Chargeback prevention and proactive refunding
  •     Operations platform for risk analysts with on-demand tools to facilitate manual reviews
  •     Customizable fraud prevention gateway tools, with specialized capabilities for mobile fraud prevention
  •     Payment acceptance in 63 countries
  •     API-based transaction gateway for easy integration
  •     Full online reporting tools and transaction analysis with API reporting
  •     Off-the-shelf support for shopping carts

For additional information about IDMPay:

About IdentityMind Global IdentityMind Global™ pioneered trusted digital identities for digital commerce. The IdentityMind™ on-demand platform provides real-time risk management for leading Fintech companies, traditional banks and online merchants around the world. Using its innovative, Electronic DNA (eDNA™) technology, it securely tracks the entities involved in each transaction (e.g. consumers, merchants, cardholders, payment wallets, alternative payment methods, etc.) to build payment reputations, and allows companies to identity and reduce potential fraud, evaluate merchant account applications, onboard accounts, enablie identity verification services, and identify potential money laundering. For more information, visit



To form new subsidiary focused on Enterprise Security towards unlocking embedded value 8, May, 2016, San Ramon, CA, Marketwired Aurionpro Solutions (NSE: AURIONPRO) (BSE: 532668), a global leader in enterprise security, digital innovation and banking solutions announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Spikes Security, a Silicon Valley pioneer of network based Web Malware Isolation products. The deal is aimed to be a game-changer for advancing the market momentum for its Enterprise Security business.
  • The transaction will create a dedicated subsidiary focused on Enterprise Security by merging Aurionpro’s Enterprise Security division and Spikes Security. The subsidiary will be headquartered in Silicon Valley with global operations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia
  • The new subsidiary attracts fresh equity investment from new and existing investors including Benhamou Global Ventures and Javelin Venture Partners. Aurionpro will own 80% of the new combined subsidiary. The closure of the merger process is targeted to be completed in six weeks
  • In addition to expanding its offering set, the deal amplifies and accelerates the growth objectives of Aurionpro’s largest business division – Enterprise Security by expanding its addressable market with offerings ranging from Identity and Access Management to Web Malware isolation – a rapidly growing new area in Cyber Security
  • The combined business will benefit from expanded customer reach, a broader product portfolio and an accelerated roadmap by leveraging offshore low cost R&D
  • The new subsidiary will have Michael Mansouri as CEO and Swapnil Mehta as President. Michael is currently CEO of Spikes Security and an industry veteran having scaled three Security related businesses successfully in the past 20 years by unlocking embedded value. Swapnil Mehta currently heads the Enterprise Security division at Aurionpro and is an accomplished security solutions leader having delivered some of the most sophisticated Identity Management programs for leading banks and corporations.
Synergies unlocked Highly targeted and regulated industries such as Banking, Financial Services, Government and Healthcare face unique cyber-security challenges and risks posed by sophisticated threat actors. The merger initiative to form a new subsidiary unlocks synergies that addresses the two most difficult security problems – protection from advanced malware attacks and data breaches caused by fraudulent or unauthorized access to enterprise resources and data.The new subsidiary will be advantageously positioned to offer comprehensive enterprise security solutions that help businesses secure their enterprise with custom built appliances, solutions, products and services. “Our focus has been to steer our core businesses towards accelerated growth and this deal brings great impetus to our security business. There are tremendous synergies by bringing together Spikes Security futuristic product with Aurionpro’s rich legacy of Enterprise Security solutions.”, said Samir Shah, CEO, Aurionpro. “In a world that is increasingly digital, we will be able to serve existing global customers with new products and services highly relevant to their needs. We will empower clients to win in their market places through trust and reliability.” Bringing together leaders in Identity Management and Malware Isolation The Aurionpro Enterprise Security team is a leader in Identity and Access Management delivering customized, integrated solutions to global organizations. The team has successfully delivered advanced security solutions to several Fortune 500 customers. Spikes Security’s Isla Web Malware Isolation Solution protects organizations from the most advanced web borne threats by isolating all web content outside the network perimeter. Isla has been successfully deployed to financial institutions and other targeted industries in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific region. “We are delighted with the combination of Spikes and Aurionpro Enterprise Security division to address the large growing market in malware isolation, identity and access management. The combination provides significant potential for establishing a leadership position in a very lucrative and growing market.”, says Anik Bose, Chairman of Spikes and General Partner of Benhamou Global Ventures, “The new subsidiary will leverage the growing trend of enterprises buying from MSSP’s as well as the increasing adoption of isolation technologies by mainstream enterprise customers.” “The new subsidiary of Aurionpro will aim to offer full and comprehensive client-centric enterprise security solutions through our best in class isolation and identity/access management products, which combined with our 300+ security professionals globally will provide us a significant competitive advantage”, said Michael Mansouri, CEO of combined subsidiary. About Aurionpro: Aurionpro Solutions (NSE: AURIONPRO) (BSE: 532668) Aurionpro is a global technology solutions leader that helps enterprises accelerate their digital innovation, securely and efficiently. It combines core domain expertise, thought leadership in innovation, security and leverages industry leading IP to deliver tangible business results for global corporations. Employing more than 1,450 domain and technology experts across North America, Asia and Europe, Aurionpro has been consistently recognized amongst the top 100 technology solutions providers for Financial Services companies. For more information, visit About Spikes: Founded in 2012, Spikes Security is focused on delivering secure, scalable, high performance appliance and software solutions that empower businesses with the freedom to safely leverage the web without fear of cyber-attacks. Its flagship offering is a powerful web malware isolation system that has been deployed across a broad range of markets where organizations are concerned about protecting confidential data and intellectual property. ##### For more information please contact: Media Contact: Kruti Arora Vivaa Consulting # +91-9833023346 @

Emerging Technologies Honored At Retail Asset Protection Conference In a ceremony at the Retail Asset Protection Conference in Dallas, Texas yesterday, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) honored Profitect as first place winner of the 2016 Retail AP Innovation Awards. The Awards recognize the most visionary and influential solution providers and serve as a showcase for exciting new technologies in major areas of asset protection. First Place went to Profitect, which presented a prescriptive analytics solution that provides descriptive insights with actionable outputs to retailers and asset protection professionals. Second and third place were awarded to ClickIt Inc. and Prism Skylabs, respectively. The first, second, and third place winners were selected by a panel of top executives from a group 11 finalists, announced last week. Profitect was also the recipient of Retailers’ Choice Award, which was voted on by conference attendees throughout the week. “These winners were chosen by our team of expert judges because their innovative solutions exemplify our industry’s dedication to asset protection,” said Lisa LaBruno, RILA’s senior vice president of retail operations. “It was an honor to be able to recognize their developments before their peers in Dallas. Thank you to all of the participants and judges, and we look forward to seeing more cutting-edge technology next year.” Winners of the 2016 Retail AP Innovation Awards are:
  • Profitect (First place)
  • ClickIt Inc. (Second place)
  • Prism Skylabs (Third place)
  • Profitect (Retailers Choice)
For more information, visit the awards homepage. RILA is the trade association of the world’s largest and most innovative retail companies. RILA members include more than 200 retailers, product manufacturers, and service suppliers, which together account for more than $1.5 trillion in annual sales, millions of American jobs and more than 100,000 stores, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers.