We primarily invest in companies headquartered in Silicon Valley; with many leveraging global R&D teams based in Asia, Europe and Israel. Our goal is to collaborate with talented entrepreneurs who have a bold vision, strong IP and a differentiated and disciplined approach to addressing large markets.

We invest early, collaborating with our entrepreneurs in order to build a solid foundation for their company. Our advice may include financial structure, product positioning, go to market, or more general strategic guidance. For example we have assembled an advisory team of exceptional sales and marketing executives who run dedicated workshops with BGV portfolio companies to assist in refining their go to market plans. We appreciate that the investor-entrepreneur relationship is an important one for both parties and our goal is to start with a straightforward, open, efficient diligence process.

“After nearly 30 years spent building or running high technology companies, I created BGV to assist other entrepreneurs build a new generation of high technology companies. With BGV II we have an extended team of like-minded investors with the experience, energy and excitement to continue our journey.”
Eric Benhamou
Founder and General Partner

Our values at BGV have been distilled from our collective experience of building successful technology companies over several decades. These values provide both a foundation for how we work as investors and company builders; and a framework for the talented, disruptive entrepreneurs we work with.

Our team is our firm’s team. We do not work in silos and management teams have full access to our knowledge, skills, experiences and network; irrespective of which partner serves as the board member.

As a small, nimble team with the mutual respect derived from many years of working together, we can and do, make timely and tough decisions. We respect the fact that our entrepreneurs need rapid responses and constructive, honest feedback.

From our first investment we look to align our expectations with those of our entrepreneurs. We listen and we strive to complement the creativity, ambition and vision of our management teams with insights, discerning advice and relevant capabilities and resources. While our business requires good pattern recognition, we refrain from shooting from the hip. We come together to resolve issues with pragmatism and transparency.

As a team of curious, high-energy people we value the exchange of knowledge and experience. We enjoy the thrill of building valuable companies with like-minded entrepreneurs and syndicate partners.