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Julio Casal
Technology Advisor

Julio Casal is an inventor, explorer and entrepreneur.

He was CISO for several ISPs back in the 90s, formed the first white hat / pen testing team in Spain and operated IP Seguridad, an MSSP serving clients in the banking, government and defense sectors. He sold the company and founded AlienVault in 2007 where he architected OSSIM, the first open source SIEM. Once OSSIM had gathered momentum with over 160,000 downloads from over 80 countries, Julio headed to Silicon Valley. Today, AlienVault and OTX, the first open threat intel community have grown to become one of the most popular and widely deployed tools in cyber security.

Julio is the founder and CTO of 4iQ has over 15 years on the front lines of cybersecurity. Watching security practitioners play “whack-a-mole”, inundated by a constant stream of alerts and events, Julio co-founded 4iQ to get to the root cause - stolen credentials and bad actors - in the deep and dark web. According to Julio, “In the data breach era, hackers no longer have to launch costly attacks on infrastructure with complicated exploits. They can simply get the keys to the kingdom - exposed credentials - to takeover accounts and initiate targeted attacks. Credentials are key to both ends of the kill-chain - recon and action - and central to digital identities, the keys to our digital lives.”

Julio has a BS in Physics from Complutense University of Madrid. He serves as a strategic advisor to venture funds, is on the board of several startups and as a cyber security expert, speaks at private and public sector events around the world.