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Innovation in Customer Service: Dial-Once Invents the Intelligent Contact Hub!

By: Richard Lefebvre | CX Partners programs Director

Many customers, struggling with contacting vendors through unfriendly answering machines or unresponsive emails, are at risk of shifting to the competition… Dial-Once, an Oracle ISV partner, is addressing this threat by providing an augmented Visual-IVR that helps companies redirecting customer contacts to an Intelligent Contact Hub!

The Dial-Once solution is capable to qualify the customer request, promote existing self-serve content, guide to the right contact channel (chat, call-back, etc..) and, only when required, transfer the context to a live agent. By being accessible from every point of contact (call, web, social media…), Dial-Once is reinventing customer experience by improving the customer care, reducing call-handling costs and boosting digital transformation.

Deployed in many companies across several industries, Dial-Once fits with all Oracle Customer Service solutions.