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IdentityMind Global Announces Identity Graph Intelligence

IdentityMind Global, a company focused on digital identities for securing online financial transactions, announced on Thursday (Sept. 1) its Identity Graph Intelligence (IGI) tool. IGI is an important extension of the company’s Trusted Digital Identities API, which helps identify and reduce risk through risk scoring and identity complexity analysis. With Identity Graph Intelligence, customers can uncover complex risk and money laundering scenarios in real time by applying Big Data analysis to the correlation of a digital entity’s identity attributes, transactions and behaviors. According to IdentityMind Global, the complexity of the identity graph has a strong correlation to the risk of a transaction — the more complex the graph, the higher the risk is. “Trusted Digital Identities (TDI™) represent online entities and their trust level in order to assess the risk of a given transaction,” said Garrett Gafke, IdentityMind Global’s CEO and president, in a press release announcing Identity Graph Intelligence. “Graph intelligence applies data science techniques to our core data model to reveal risk in highly complex scenarios where multiple entities are involved.” The new tool is the result of the company collecting and correlating identity data, behaviors and potential affiliations to nefarious groups and activities. In many financial scenarios, there are multiple entities involved or related to those entities performing a transaction. These are the scenarios where Identity Graph Intelligence is more relevant, it said. “Organized crime attacks are sophisticated and can be devastating,” said Dr. David Asher of the Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance in the press release. “In my experience, they often involve multiple parties with activities that are hard to see in isolation. Graph analysis is the right tool for uncovering and stopping these complex attacks — Ultimately, saving us and our customers from financial and reputational exposure.” Identity Graph Intelligence will be unveiled at FinDevr Silicon Valley in Oct. 2016. The extended API will be available in the upcoming IdentityMind 2.0 release slated for Nov. 2016.