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IdentityMind Ranked in LTP’s “21 Hottest RegTech Startups”

In our third ranking in 3 months, Let’s Talk Payments has ranked IdentityMind in their list of the “21 Hottest RegTech Startups That Are Defining the Industry”. Read the Article on What is RegTech? Let’s Talk Payments defines “RegTech” as:

A relatively new term, “RegTech” refers to a set of companies and solutions that address regulatory challenges across industries, including financial services, through innovative technology. RegTech solutions are agile by nature due to the complexity and momentum of regulatory transitions. Traditionally, the technology was developed to be robust. However, RegTech can’t afford the luxury to deliver a solution for static requirements—it has to be a self-learning machine.

The list is broken down into 3 categories, dividing the companies according to UK, Ireland, and USA-based regulatory solutions, as well as two companies from Switzerland and the Netherlands.Screen_Shot_2015-12-17_at_11.35.44_AM.png According to Sean Smith, a partner in Risk Advisory at Deloitte,

“In the short term, RegTech will help firms to automate the more mundane compliance tasks and reduce operational risks associated with meeting compliance and reporting obligations. In the longer term, it will empower compliance functions to make informed risk choices based on data provided insight about the compliance risks it faces and how it mitigates and manages those risks.”

We’re proud to be featured on LTP’s list, and to be defining the next generation of risk solutions for digital commerce.


“Digital identities have finally become the focus in preventing financial crimes and mitigating risk,” said Garrett Gafke, President and CEO of IdentityMind Global. “Trust in digital commerce is built on the ability to accurately identify an individual on the other side of a transaction. We founded IdentityMind and started building our technology and database on that premise. It has taken years to operationalize this technology and grow our understanding of how clients can benefit from this information, but today we are thrilled to see the worldwide market reacting so positively to our solution. More importantly, we are deeply satisfied to be helping our clients become more productive, expand their businesses, and serve difficult markets such as underbanked and unbanked demographics. They know they can count on our technology and expertise to manage risk in a safe and reliable manner.” For more information about the list, or to learn more about our Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance services, contact us at aml-blog-cta.png