SwiftTest Renames to Load Dynamix, Launches Products to Focus on New Enterprise Markets

SwiftTest Renames to Load DynamiX, Launches Products to Focus on New Enterprise Markets  Corporate name change reflects the critical role that networked storage performance plays in next-generation big data and cloud-based infrastructures SANTA CLARA, CA, Nov 5, 2013, — SwiftTest, the leader in infrastructure performance validation, announced today that it has changed its company name to Load DynamiX. The new name reflects an evolution of the company, their customer base and new product line directions. The repositioning follows recent key hires and several significant customer wins in the enterprise IT and service provider space. SwiftTest has been well-known as the leading supplier of performance validation solutions to the storage and network manufacturers. More recently, IT organizations at leading Global 1000 corporations have increasingly adopted the company’s workload modeling and storage performance validation solutions to better control costs and future-proof performance requirements. “Changing the name from SwiftTest to Load DynamiX reflects our new focus on providing deep infrastructure insight that enables IT managers and architects to optimize the performance, availability and cost of their networked storage infrastructures,” said Philippe Vincent, president and CEO of Load DynamiX. “Our goal is to help our customers accelerate the adoption of new storage technologies and eliminate the risk of performance problems with our advanced workload modeling and performance validation solution.“ Infrastructure architects must fully understand the performance implications of constantly evolving, highly virtualized environments that demand nearly continuous availability and extreme scalability. Selecting and deploying a storage architecture that is aligned properly to the needs of specific application workloads is the only way to ensure costs are optimized and performance risk is minimized. Comprehensive workload modeling and analytics software, combined with extreme load generation appliances from Load DynamiX, offers the simplest and most efficient way to achieve performance, availability and cost objectives. “Evaluating and assessing storage infrastructure needs to be an ongoing process. The ideal solution is a workload modeling and simulation product that is purpose-built for the task,” said George Crump, president and lead analyst for Storage Switzerland. “Load DynamiX has a unique solution that can significantly help enterprise storage architects understand which products and technologies will be best for their constantly changing IT requirements.” In a separate release today, Load DynamiX launched a new set of workload modeling and load generation appliances, specifically created for the enterprise. See “Load DynamiX Launches the Industry’s First Enterprise-Focused Workload Modeling and Infrastructure Performance Validation Solutions”. About Load DynamiX As the leader in infrastructure performance validation, Load Dynamix empowers IT professionals with the insight needed to make intelligent decisions regarding networked storage. By accurately characterizing and emulating real-world application behavior, Load Dynamix optimizes the overall performance, availability, and cost of storage infrastructure. The combination of advanced workload analytics and modeling software with extreme load-generating appliances give IT professionals the ability to cost-effectively validate and stress today’s most complex physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure to its limits. Visit www.loaddynamix.com for more information.