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SwiftTest Collaborates with EMC for Storage Workload Modeling

SwiftTest, the leader in infrastructure performance validation, today announced its inclusion in the EMC® Technology Partner Program. The integration between the SwiftTest workload modeling and performance validation solution and EMC’s VNX®, VNXe® and Isilon® products enables users to accelerate the deployment of new storage infrastructure while ensuring maximum application performance. Offering a robust performance validation solution across file, block and object storage, SwiftTest can stress storage infrastructure to its limits with highly accurate workload models that scale to any data center requirement. The innovative solution allows storage architects to emulate their specific application workloads based on I/O profiles, including metadata operations, and fully test their storage systems and new storage technologies before they are deployed into production. “We are delighted to join the EMC Technology Partner Program and are excited to work with our mutual customers to help them evolve toward a more efficient deployment process,” said Kalen Kimm, business development director at SwiftTest. “By integrating SwiftTest with EMC solutions, IT organizations can more efficiently acquire and size their storage infrastructure based on actual performance requirements.” A SwiftTest performance validation solution is an integral part of building a cost-effective storage infrastructure that can maximize the performance and availability of the latest EMC storage technologies. Leading EMC integration partner Advizex recently used SwiftTest to ensure its proposed Isilon storage deployment would deploy smoothly without any performance degradations to its end users. “Our client’s production environment is very complex with strict response time requirements,” said vice president of technology solutions Paul Timmerman at Advizex. “By first emulating their production workload in the SwiftTest environment, we were able to detect application bottlenecks and drive performance numbers that far exceeded expectations. Our normal testing cycle was reduced from 60 days to less than two weeks.” The EMC Technology Partner Program enables SwiftTest to offer its workload modeling and storage performance validation products to help mutual customers rightsize their storage infrastructure and align purchases with actual application requirements. “EMC is pleased that SwiftTest joined the EMC Technology Partner Program to demonstrate their commitment to helping customers evaluate infrastructure systems against their requirements for cloud, big data analytics and security,” said Carl Shanahan, EMC Technology Partner Program Manager. “With SwiftTest, customers considering EMC’s open, extensible storage platforms are able to quickly and accurately model workload scenarios and obtain performance data to confirm their infrastructure plans. We look forward to working with SwiftTest to ensure that our mutual customers have the highest level of support to speed their information infrastructure initiatives.” Learn more about the partnership by reading the solution brief here. About SwiftTest As the leader in storage performance validation, SwiftTest empowers storage professionals with the insight needed to make intelligent decisions regarding networked storage. By accurately characterizing and emulating real-world application behavior, SwiftTest optimizes the overall performance, availability, and cost of storage infrastructure. The combination of advanced workload modeling and performance validation software with extreme load-generating appliances give storage and network engineers the ability to cost-effectively stress storage systems to their limits.