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CrestaTech Welcomes Semiconductor Magnate Harold Hughes to its Board

CrestaTech, creator of the Smart Tuner™, today announced the appointment of semiconductor industry authority figure Harold Hughes to its board of directors, an addition that supports the company vision of mass market global deployment of its Smart Tuner™ technologies and products. Hughes brings with him rich business experience that will help CrestaTech maximize the commercial success of its Smart Tuner™ portfolio. Hughes served as CEO, president, interim CFO and director at Rambus, Inc., a company founded on taking technologies from inception to market via licensing. Additionally, he held various executive positions while at Intel for 23 years and was the founder of Intel Capital Ventures. “With its global TV reception capabilities and ability to maintain flawless tuning under the most adverse conditions, CrestaTech’s Smart Tuner™ technology has set the quality standard for silicon TV tuner technology,” said Hughes. “With a patent-rich portfolio applicable across the entire range of television devices, the opportunities for CrestaTech both present and future are significant.” CrestaTech patents define Smart Tuner™ technology, which is based on the Smart Tuner™ architecture comprised for broadband capable analog front end followed by analog to digital converters then digital filter processing. CrestaTech’s Smart Tuner™ technology portfolio includes IC design techniques specifically enabling tuner on board or COB designs. A variety of top-tier flat panel TV makers have adopted CrestaTech Smart Tuner™ ICs, with close to 50 million tuners shipped, spearheading a trend towards the elimination of the basic CAN tuners of the past. “With his prior role leading Rambus, Hughes understands how to effectively use patents to protect innovation”, said Torbjorn Folkebrant, CEO of CrestaTech. “We look forward to leveraging Hughes strong patent background and applying that experience to the CrestaTech business model assuring the Smart Tuner™ portfolio is both protected and primed to generate significant ROI.” Hughes is highly accomplished in the semiconductor industry. Prior to leading Rambus, he held a variety of executive roles at Intel including CFO, treasurer and VP and was a VP at Intel Capital Ventures. Additionally, Hughes was chairman at Cortina Systems, Inc. and Pandesic Company, and director at Atsana Semiconductor Corp., Berkeley Technology Ltd., eVinyard, Finisar Corp., Merant, Inc., Merant PLC, MVC Capital Inc., REMEC Inc. and Xilinix Inc. Hughes holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BA from the University of Wisconsin, and has also served as an officer in the US Army. For more information on CrestaTech, Smart Tuner™ technology and products, visit About CrestaTech Located in Silicon Valley, CrestaTech ( is the creator of the Smart Tuner™ products necessary for excellent reception of any worldwide TV broadcast signal. Smart Tuner™ ICs feature a patented architecture comprised of precision RF analog front-end plus digital signal processing techniques. With flat and consistent frequency response, Smart Tuner™ products have the ability to handle diverse and extreme signal conditions, and are immune to LTE and WiFi interference all without the need for external filters or shielding. Smart Tuner™ ICs are found in many of the world’s leading brand flat panel TVs, and will soon be available for mobile devices and tablet PCs. ### CrestaTech, CrestaTV, Xceive and Smart Tuner are trademarks for registered trademarks of Cresta Technology Corporation. Media Contact: Kim Stowe Stowe Consulting 408.839.8750