We are an early-stage venture capital firm with deep Silicon Valley roots. We focus on enterprise information technology global markets with a particular emphasis on mobility, cloud architectures and technologies, and cyber security. We are experienced investors, but also experienced global company operators. We believe in the power of cross border innovation, and encourage our entrepreneurs to leverage R&D talent around the world. We are active investors and help our companies refine, and as needed redirect their strategies, as well as improve their operational skills. We connect them to our global network of talent and partners, and help them build better companies without impinging upon their leadership roles. We are typically their first and most active institutional investor, and remain engaged until our services or financial capital are no longer needed.

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12 Sep2014

Part II – Building and Managing Enterprise Cloud Systems – Deploying Hybrid Cloud Challenges

In the previous post, we covered the challenges of building, managing and scaling cloud architectures from an orchestration and automation point…

29 Aug2014

Building, Managing and Scaling Enterprise Cloud Systems – Orchestration & Management Challenges

While the business benefits of Cloud computing have become increasingly documented over the past few years, the challenges associated with building,…

22 Aug2014

BGV Partners To Participate In “No Limits” VC Panel At VMWorld’s CTO Forum

Eric Benhamou, BGV Founder and General Partner will join Asheem Chandna of Greylock Ventures and Steve Herrod of General Catalyst Partners…

"The BGV partners have been an active source of support and encouragement for me, even in challenging times. I have always received helpful and constructive feedback and advice when implementing the delicate strategic pivot at CrestaTech."
Torbjorn Folkebrant, CEO CrestaTech
Don Meiners
"Since the company's inception, BGV has provided valuable input in refining the company's strategy, syndicating financing, navigating relationships with Strategic partners and in connecting the company with their global network of talent. BGV has worked closely with management to build Purewave into a leading small cell LTE innovator."
Don Meiners, CEO Purewave